Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chapter 71: March 6-7, 1969

Melanie, Oil on paper canvas
Painted in 1969,
While the author was in Cherokee.
The painting was probably touched up later
and signed after she was married.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chapter 88: A Journey Ends and Epilogue

Cherokee Mental Health:
100 Years of Serving Iowan's [sic]

Chapter 87: May 5, 1969--A Journey Ends, Another Begins

Jennifer's Bus Ticket
From Sioux City, Iowa, to York, Pennsylvania
Purchased May 1, 1969
Left May 5 and arrived May 6, 1969

Chapter 87: May 1-6, 1969

Leaving Cherokee
A long journey ends
August 30, 2004

Metaphorically leaving behind April 16, 1969 

Chapter 63: February 19-28, 1969

Jennifer's Ground Privilege Card, which allowed her ground privileges and responsibilities, as stated on the card:
Ground Privileges are given to patients for treatment purposes. The patients receiving them should be able to conduct themselves in keeping with the responsibility expected of them. They will be revoked for those patients who demonstrate that they cannot assume the responsibility. Any patient on the grounds unaccompanied by personnel may be asked to show his ground privilege card and should carry it on him at all times.
Jennifer found this card in 2012, among her papers.

Section V: Cherokee

Institution grounds, some of the loveliest around

The Cherokee Administration Building

Patient quarters, complete with turret, where the social area of the ward was located

Portico, where Jennifer was escorted into the facility

The turret.
Inside, the TV and living room were located in the turret

Donohoe, where patients could play basketball and other sports
Tunnels connected the various buildings


Note: These photos were taken on August 30, 2004, by Jennifer Semple Siegel. The author was incarcerated during the winter of 1969.

Chapter 49: Mo--“That Hippie”

"That hippie" Jeff Brown, 1970

An envelope addressed to Jennifer (from Jeff Brown)

Jeff and Jennifer exchanged about 90 letters during the two months she was in the institution

Chapter 47: Mo--Regrets

Jennifer, 7, ascends the L.A. Courthouse steps for a custody hearing
(March 1958)

The man on the step looks like Harley Semple (Dee Dee)

Harley and Olive Semple began custody proceedings against Mary Lou, the author's mother, but then Mary Lou dropped her objections and allowed Mo and Dee Dee to take Jennifer back to Iowa. 

The Semples later adopted Jennifer

Chapter 27: Tick Tock

The author has no photos of that infamous family birthday party at the Tick Tock Restaurant, but here's a photo/postcard (unknown year).

Chapter 26: Devils Dance in Me

Jennifer's mother, Jan Durrell (Mary Lou Semple)
Pulp Fiction: Devils Dance in Me (1963)

Author's Mother posing for Gala Magazine
Girls of GALA March 1969 Gallery #3

A softer side of the author's mother
Posing with her two boys
Circa 1967-1968
The older woman's identity is unknown  

Chapter 22: Mo--A Bad Feeling

Jennifer, 15, and Olive Semple (Mo)
At a 1966 wedding

Jennifer, 17, and Mo
June 5, 1968, the day the author left for California
A bit somber because they had just learned of RFK's assassination
Also, the author was nervous about flying
Photo by Harley Semple
Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment

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