Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jeff and Jennifer Photos

Jeff and Jennifer, Christmas 1969
Jeff trying on a "bad boy" image, but he was and still is a pretty nice guy.

A jubilant Jennifer and Jeff, Spring 1970
Yes, that belly is a baby bump.

General Photographs: Jennifer Semple

The author as a baby (about 1 year old)

The author at her 4th birthday party

The author's first Communion (1959)

The author in a photo booth picture.
Note the Catholic school uniform and somber look.
Smiling was not considered to be cool.
Circa 1966 or 1967

The author's 1968 high school graduation photo
Taken August 1967

In front of Graumann's Chinese Theater
Hollywood, California
Summer 1968

After the Institution: Getting ready for a "Stop the War" rally.
York, Pennsylvania
Fall 1969

Chapter 25: Mother’s Call

The author's biological father and mother
Circa 1950's

The author's biological mother, early 1970's

The author's biological mother, circa 1968

Chapter 14: Sold Out

Hazel (Auntie) Lewis in her snazzy convertible.
She loved that car.
Photo circa 1966

The author, 17, hugging her Auntie (Summer 1968)
On Auntie's balcony, 11th floors up   

Chapter 11: The Luckiest Hand

Image of "Stoney" drawn by the author,
Created during her incarceration at Cherokee Mental Health Institute

Chapter 7: Dee Dee--Angel Kisser

Letters from Harley Semple (Dee Dee) to Jennifer (the author) when she was 7

Dee Dee and the author, age 3

The author, age 7 (Winter 1958, in Hollywood)
About the same time Dee Dee wrote his Angel Kisser letters to her
Dee Dee gave the author the toy accordion, which was red and yellow  

Chapter 5: Dee Dee--Rescuing Jennifer and Chapter 29: Mo--Bitter

Olive (Mo) and Harley (Dee Dee) Semple
At their Sioux City, Iowa, home
(Circa 1972)

Chapter 3: Wallich's Music City

Jeff Brown, at his family home in East Berlin, Pennsylvania,
January 16, 1969 

Chapter 1: Christmas Eve, 1968

View of Earth from Apollo 8 as it orbits the Moon
(NASA photo) 

Prologue (Caged): Bird's Eye View of Cherokee Mental Health Institute

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chapter 55: Informant Report for Jennifer L. Semple

Informant Report for Jennifer L. Semple, dated February 19, 1969.

The above informant report was used to commit Jennifer (against her will) to the Cherokee Mental Health Institute.

Note that Harley Semple's (the author's grandfather) name has been scratched out and Opal Casey's added; Opal Casey was the police matron at the Sioux City, Iowa, police station.

The author was able to request and receive copies of her court and hospital records.

A text copy of this record appears in Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment.

To protect the current residents of Jennifer L. Semple's childhood home, her personal address and phone number have been removed from this photograph.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Minor Tweak on Book Cover

I didn't like the yellow ghosting on the text, so I made a minor change so that the ghosted text has a blue cast (instead of yellow).

Friday, October 5, 2012

Memoir Madness Book Cover

The book has not been uploaded to Kindle yet, but this will be the cover image.

This has been an interesting process; I have had to learn to think like a Kindle, both text-wise and image-wise.

I had another cover designed and ready to go, but when I checked how it looked in black and white, I discovered that it looked awful and washed out.

Some Kindles show only black and white, and I needed to make sure my cover worked for those plain Kindle users as well.

As soon as the book is uploaded, I will update this post.

By the way, Blogger, spell check doesn't work, and I don't have time to let you know through your feedback feature, which crashes my computer anyway.
Memoir Madness: Driven to Involuntary Commitment

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